Organisation Redesign Approach

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘design’ as:
“to do or plan something with a specific purpose in mind”
and Organisation Design (OD) is no different. With the Organisation Redesign Approach, decisions are made about how to organise the work and people in an organisation in order to best achieve its purpose ….
its vision, mission and business strategy.

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We undertake a Knowledge Capture

  • Business/company vision
  • Operating environment
  • Post Covid recovery
  • Customer needs & wants
  • Outcomes from previous year
  • Legal requirements
  • Statutory requirements
  • Technology
  • Budget
  • Risks to business

and map this to your Business Plan or Strategy

  • Over 1, 3 5 years +
  • Organisation Vision and Mission
  • Strategic aims or direction
  • Organisational culture, behaviours and values
  • Strategic Risks


We review your current organisation structure

  • Existing roles
  • Skills, knowledge & experience
  • Number of posts and hours
  • T&Cs
  • Current working environment


and map this to your strategic objectives

  • Allocation
  • Ownership and decision making
  • Measurement
  • Performance Reporting
  • Review
  • Outcomes

We discuss a proposed organisation structure with you

  • Organisational capabilities required
  • Skills, knowledge and experience
  • Number of posts and hours
  • T&Cs
  • Hybrid working

and support you to transition you employees

  • Current to new planning
  • Consultation
  • Learning and development requirements
  • Recruitment and selection requirements
  • Redeployment opportunities
  • Redundancies

We ensure that supporting polices, plans and processes are in place

  • Vision for the future
  • Business planning
  • Strategic objectives
  • Internal Management Plans
  • Organisational Design plan
  • Relevant policies
  • Communications strategy
  • Representative group
  • Customers and stakeholders
  • Performance measures
  • People
  • Culture Behaviours and Values
  • Risk

and offer further organisational redesign support

  • Once Organisation Design is complete, we can provide guidance and support on improving organisational performance
  • Tailored to meet your needs
  • See additional information



We will ensure:

  • Compliance with GDPR Policy &Procedure.
  • All Associates are registered with ICO
  • Provide safe and secure document management and storage

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