Case STudies

Positive Outcomes

We work with you as a Strategic Business Partner to ensure that our methods and your outcomes have a strong people and business focus

Our Case Studies

Workplace Investigation

Bullying & Intimidation Grievance
against Director Level

Organisation Design Project

Housing Association,
People & Engagement Strategy

Service User Complaint

Child Protection Concerns,
Service Industry

Disciplinary & Grievance Support

Supporting a client during a disciplinary process. Alleged Racism

Mediation, 2 parties

Large National Company
with multiple UK locations


Bespoke Leadership
Development Programme

CEO Executive Coaching

Large charitable

Facilitated Conversation Support

Employees, Trade Unions
and Organisation

HR Business Partnering

Pay As You Go HR Support
– Charity sector

Neutral Assessment

Understanding Workplace Culture
– Education Sector

HR Project

Pay & Reward

Future Case Studies

Check back from time to tome to read more case studies from McKinney HR

workplace investigations

when you need us

You have received a grievance, complaint, dignity @work claim etc. or there has been an incident at work where you need to properly establish what has happened, what actions if any need taken and you need to move forward for the best interests of the people involved and your business

You don’t have the capacity or capability to undertake this yourself or you need independence due to others in your organisation being already involved in the case in some way

what we do for you

You will get a report which is proportionate to the seriousness of the issue/s, covering the evidence gathered, any breaches of policies or procedures, conclusions on each allegation and where there has been a grievance recommendation for resolution and any learning identified

benefit to you

You will receive a report which supports you to clearly see what you need to do next, which holds its own in relation to appeals and other proceedings,
the highest level of independence which is critical particularly when the issues are complex and the knowledge that you and your issues are safe with us