Improving Organisational Performance

Working in partnership with you to help your business succeed by improving organisational performance and resolving problems in the workplace. We can undertake all or parts of the under noted services depending on your internalcapacity, capability and needs

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Need for change?

Due to:

  • Corporate vision
  • Client/Customer needs
  • Funding
  • Legal/Statutory Requirements
  • Technology
  • Environment
  • Need to reinvent or refocus
  • Need to downsize and regroup

Strategic Plan

We can:

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Undertake senior & leadership coaching
  • Support consultation &engagement
  • Support drafting of the plan

People Strategy & Plan

We can:

  • Undertake consultation &engagement with stakeholders
  • Identify best practice for you
  • What’s working and what’s not
  • Draft your strategy & plan
  • Undertake or facilitate workshops

Organisational Change Policy & Plan

We can:

  • Consult & engage with stakeholders
  • Develop your policy
  • Draft you implementation plan

Staffing Structure Options

We can:

  • Draft key indicators which your people structure needs to deliver
  • Draft structure options
  • Facilitate meetings to decide on best structure
  • Consult as required
  • Facilitate meetings


We can:

  • Project manage implementation and/or sit on your project board
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Draft & evaluate job descriptions
  • Develop your pay and reward strategy and plans
  • Undertake consultation meetings with staff
  • Match people to posts
  • Identify the need for redeployment and redundancy
  • Draft letters and provide advice
  • Access employment law advice through one of our Trusted Partners

Facilitate Change

We can:

  • Manage redundancy process
  • Manage redeployment process
  • Manage the recruitment process
  • Provide support for recruitment through one of our Trusted Partners
  • Support you with difficult or challenging conversations


We can:

  • Provide training on all aspects of people management
  • Provide coaching support to all levels of staff and management
  • Provide training and input on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Tailor our input to your needs

Professional Transition

We can offer a Bronze, Silver or Gold service, as a minimum:

  • Career skills, CVs and applications
  • Assessment centres
  • References
  • Dream role
  • Well being
  • Retirement
  • Planning for the future


Through a Trusted Partner we can:

  • Undertake Data Protection training
  • Data Protection audits
  • Review your documents to ensure compliance
  • Give advice on access requests and data breaches

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