Neutral Assessment

Neutral Assessment is a process which supports the team/work group etc. to understand the causes of complex people issues and supports a resolution

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When would I need a neutral assessment?

  • There are complex people issues in your team which have been around for awhile
  • The issues are impacting negatively on delivery, clients, the team and/or you
  • A formal investigation (e.g. grievance or conduct) is not appropriate
  • Team mediation isn’t appropriate
  • You might have tried other ways to resolve the issues but none worked

Steps in the process

  • Briefing meeting to discuss the presenting issues
  • Agree the objectives of the assessment
  • Communicate information about the assessment to those concerned including timescales
  • McKinney HR develop a structured questionnaire which will explore the issues which impact on the objectives
  • McKinney HR Associate has one to one meetings with the relevant people
  • Information gathered analysed
  • Report written to reflect the analysis
  • Draft report shared with the client
  • De-brief meeting held
  • Final report submitted



  • The Assessor makes informal notes to support analysis and report writing
  • Once the report is completed the informal notes are destroyed
  • Comments made will not be attributed to individuals
  • Individuals will be advised that what they say will remain anonymous unless there is an issue relating to client safety or a serious disclosure (usually also covered in company policy)


  • A report which provides focused information on the issues within the team
  • If you ask for recommendations then we can add these to the report however it is up to the client to decide on what happens next
  • Manager decides how much to share with the team


  • Individuals will have had the opportunity to safely express their concerns. This in itself can lead to change
  • You will have access to the most open and honest feedback possible due to our independence, ability to quickly build rapport and high level of listening and analytical skills
  • You will have sufficient information to inform what you do next

What next?

Examples as follows:

  • Training and development
    Mediation between identified parties
  • Processes /procedures changed
  • Teams adjusted
  • Actions to be undertaken by ‘management’
  • Formal processes


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