Support for Effective Hybrid Working

There are clear benefits with hybrid working, however challenges can impact the new working arrangement. DML can support your organisation with offering guidance, workshops and process reviews to ensure hybrid working is a success.

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We coach your Leaders to manage in a hybrid culture

  • Fostering collaboration
  • Managing performance in a hybrid arrangement
  • Avoiding behaviour bias
  • Effective communication
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Leading by Example
  • Diversity & Inclusion focus

and support you to have effective hybrid teams

  • Cultivate a hybrid communication mindset
  • Agree communication fundamentals
  • Inclusion of remote workers
  • Effective hybrid meetings
  • Avoiding behaviour bias
  • Maximising benefits from diversity


We ensure your Performance Management process is fit for hybrid working

  • Regular performance conversations, not annual appraisal
  • Focus on output, not input
  • Consistent performance review process for all staff


and align your recruitment and induction processes

  • Focus on values when recruiting
  • Identify qualities candidates need for hybrid working
  • Engagement during onboarding
  • Effective induction to fit hybrid organization culture
  • Consideration of mentoring and/or buddy system

We ensure that supportive learning and career development is in place

  • Identify new ways of delivering learning and development
  • Guidance on fostering a learning culture in a hybrid arrangement
  • Avoidance of potential indirect discrimination pitfalls
  • Consistent career planning processes for all staff


and support you to transition reluctant returners

  • Empathetic HR case management
  • Clear communication
  • Facilitate difficult conversations
  • Capability review and discussions


We can advise on supporting employee wellbeing in a hybrid culture

  • Managing minor illnesses
  • Avoiding “presenteeism”
  • Recognising the right to disconnect
  • Supporting social wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing
  • Identifying mental health concerns


and offer further support on hybrid working arrangements

  • Measuring success of pilot scheme
  • Linking with flexible working policies
  • Review of contractual arrangements


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