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Workplace Investigation

Bullying & Intimidation Grievance against Director Level

The Client & Their Needs

This investigation was requested by an Employment Lawyer for one of their clients which is a private limited company based in Edinburgh.

There had been a complaint from 2 employees against both the MD and Operations Director. The allegations were of Bullying, Intimidation and Micromanagement.

The client requested this was undertaken as a conduct investigation as opposed to a grievance.

McKinney HR as independent investigators were requested to conduct an independent investigation to gather and analyse any evidence to support (or not) the allegations against both parties.

HR Investigations


The Investigator reviewed all information to understand the detail of the complaint.

The client did not have a formal disciplinary procedure therefore the investigator applied the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

Terms of Reference (TORs) were agreed with regards to timescales, report parameters and client expectations.

After interviewing 2 complainants and respondents, more witnesses were identified and client approval requested.

Due to the number of witnesses, some speaking against 2 respondents, the client requested 2 reports, 1 for each respondent. This would make any further action easier, should it be necessary, for either respondent.


In each report, allegation 1 was clearly laid out with evidence from the complainant, the respondent/s then the witnesses.

Other evidence referred to was also listed.

The analysis of this allegation, the measures and findings were then set out.

The QA process was undertaken by an 2nd Investigator who had not participated in the investigation, giving ‘fresh eyes’, and the ability to identify any areas which required more detail or clarification. This process ensures that McKinney HR maintain consistency and our standards.

Recommendations were requested by client and provided accordingly.


The client decided to progress 1 Director to a formal disciplinary hearing whilst the other Director resigned after receiving the investigation findings and evidence.

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You have received a grievance, complaint, dignity @work claim etc. or there has been an incident at work where you need to properly establish what has happened, what actions if any need taken and you need to move forward for the best interests of the people involved and your business

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