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Mediation, 2 Parties

Large National Company with multiple UK locations

The Client & Their Needs

The client had heard a grievance from an employee (a Manager) against their manager (Head of Operations). Following a hearing and appeal process, the grievance was not upheld. One of the recommendations was for Mediation between the 2 parties.
The grievant/employee remained upset and was struggling with the decision and the fragmented ongoing relationship with the manager. At the time of the mediation there was no spoken communication between the 2 parties. The client wanted an independent mediation process with the emphasis firmly future focused and not a revisit of the grievance.

Employee mediation


The McKinney HR Mediator was introduced to the organisation to understand the background and the client expectations. This included an agreement of logistics including remote and on-site meetings.
One of the parties was reluctant to take part in the Mediation therefore the Mediator helped to engage the parties before the mediation started.
This included introductions, parameters, and clarity on what is involved, what it means for them. This can often remove preconceived ideas around Mediation or hidden fears.


A remote 1 to 1 meeting with each party was held to give both the opportunity to
describe what was happening for them in a safe place.
It also identified the key themes to the current situa-tion.

A joint mediation session fol-lowed which met the needs of individuals and the
organisation. This happened within 2 days of the
individual meetings.


Both parties set out standards for each other and agreed to them.

A post mediation review was held with the McKinney HR Mediator and the client to discuss progress and any interventions required to keep the relationship intact.

In this case, the client asked the Mediator to follow up in 3 months’ time with both parties, which was accommodated.

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